Sacramento Child Support Attorney


At the Sacramento Family Law Office of Bowman and Associates, APC., we help minimize the emotion and worry many parents have about child support agreements and orders. We help our clients understand the reasons behind the child support laws, and how courts try their best to be equitable.

We know that child support levels affect both parties’ finances. We make sure your child’s best interests are the focus of child support determinations.

The amount of child support you will pay is set according to a formula described in California Family Code §4055. The amount of support ordered is dependent on the following factors: the parties net disposable income; the approximate time the high earner has physical custody of the children; the number of other children supported; costs of child care; health care expenses; and whether there are extraordinary expenses associated with the children. Travel expenses and costs relating to education and other special needs may be considered by a court. There are exceptions to the formula for low-income parents.

If you are concerned about child support issues in your pending divorce, or if you need to modify your current support levels, contact an experienced Sacramento Child Support Lawyer at The Law Offices of Bowman and Associates, APC. We understand that divorce often means financial concerns for both parties. We’ll help you through it, one step at a time, and every step of the way.

We Assist Clients with the Following Legal Issues:

  • Child support calculations
  • Income imputation issues
  • Work effort orders
  • Employment evaluations
  • Income determination
  • Child support modification

Modifying & Enforcing Child Support

The main factors in how child support is determined include income and any existing co-parenting or child sharing plans. If one of the parent’s financial situation drastically changes, you may seek to have your support plan modified to fit your current situation.

If you are having difficulty keeping up with your payments and there has been changed circumstances with your situation, we can help. Before you are facing child support arrears, contact us as soon as you have a change of circumstances in your situation.

For instance if you lose your job, start earning less money, medical condition that will constitute changed circumstances. These changed circumstances can provide the basis for a child support modification.