Being a father is one of the most exciting things in a man’s life. It also gives fathers rights and responsibilities to their children that sometimes cannot be established unless they are scientifically proven to be the biological father. This problem doesn’t arise for mothers, as it is generally known without question who the biological mother is.

Paternity issues can be complicated and messy. Sometimes discovering who the father of a child is could be emotionally straining, or reveal issues pertaining to marital infidelity.  It is generally assumed by the state that the mother’s husband is the father of the child at the time of birth. If it is later found to be untrue, the “father” might have to make some big sacrifices. He may be asked to give up his rights and lose custody of a child that he has a strong bond with. This could also be complicated, as he could be a suitable guardian without being the biological father, and therefore hold on to his paternity rights.

There are certain rights that come along with being the legal father of a child. The father should be allowed visitation to the child, along with custody. He can protest if the mother tries to leave with the child. The legal father is also obligated to pay child support to the mother if they are separated. The father should be able to share the decision-making about education, religion, and healthcare as well.

There are several ways to establish paternity, such as:

  • Voluntary Declaration of Paternity
  • Parentage By Estoppel
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Same Sex Parents
  • Putative Marital Assumption

A Sacramento Paternity Attorney can explain the procedures of establishing paternity to you. If you are facing difficult decisions regarding paternity, please be assured that we will use our knowledge of the law and legal system to seek an arrangement that benefits you and your child.

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